• CPD Explorers Club at the NOBLE Youth Conference

  • Pres. Williams Delivers Black Shield Police Association Keynote Address

    President  Carolyn Williams delivers keynote address to the Cleveland Police Department’s Black Shield Police Association

    Greater Cleveland Chapter of NOBLE President  Carolyn Williams delivered the keynote address on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013, to the Cleveland Police Department’s Black Shield Police Association. Founded in 1946, the Black Shield Police Association today is an organization of 350 law enforcement officers dedicated to the promotion of equality, justice, fairness, and effectiveness in law enforcement.  President  Williams’ speech addressed the organization’s theme of ‘Save the Children.’

    “All of you in this room matter because you can make a difference not just in your day-to-day jobs as officers, but in your roles as members of the community,” Williams remarked. “As law enforcement officers, we must have a servant’s heart, mind and stamina, if we are serious about saving our children. Every single person here this evening can do something to help save one child.”

    This year’s 67th anniversary celebration for the Black Shield Police Association honored 17 Cleveland police officers for their service and accomplishments, and awarded scholarships to Cleveland-area college students. “Service is a core value for me personally as well as NOBLE and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to celebrate the Black Shield Police Association and their service to our community,” said President  Williams.